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Tag heuer monza automatic timing clock Calibre 36

With 1/100 of a second MIKROGRAPH timing clock this hour meter works, so as to "subversive era", elegant in the field of racing timer leading Swiss watch again. Today, and they expect a Monza (

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) will regroup in June, 2011. The new Monza timing clock limited release 1911, to commemorate the famous 1911 "travel time" dashboard timing device. This is a pure wrist watch, its design inspiration source of pride and unique traditional tabulation, aims to salute to one hundred racing origin.

MONZA MONZA automatic timing clock (38 mm Calibre 36)

As is known to all, the fastest in the motor racing track is F1 station monza, Italy and elegant with a legendary track of origin can be traced to September 1975, when the ferrari driver, Switzerland Clay Regazzoni won RACES in monza, his teammates Niki Lauda won third place, so success is enough to make him as a ferrari won the F1 championship crown. The two ferrari racing chassis are engraved with the word "HEUER", because the tag HEUER since 1971 and became the official ferrari F1 timing supplier.

MONZA MONZA automatic timing clock (38 mm Calibre 36)

To commemorate the achievements, in 1930, Mr Jack heuer pillow again on the basis of wrist watch has created a special limited wrist watch. This amazing meter clock carry Calibre 15 high-speed movement, the upper dial the tag heuer logo engraved with the word "MONZA" above. Today, MONZA MONZA series has become one of the most popular watch tag heuer.

MONZA MONZA automatic timing clock (38 mm Calibre 36)

In early 2000, Monza, Monza relaunch as elegant classic series, now has a complete series of watches with Calibre 6 machine, timing clock is carrying Calibre 17 or Calibre 36 movement. Monza (Monza) series of wrist watch each work is complete with elegant logo "Tag Heuer", rather than the original "Heuer". Until today, Monza (Monza) is still a collector for collection.